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Control Systems Hardware and Software Provision.

In order to offer the best solution possible, we always design our projects with world class software and hardware.
If you need hardware or software for your process, we have the most suitable equipment with the best advisory to find it.

Design, Building and Start up of Control, Monitoring and Information Systems.

We provide integral solutions to the design, construction and start up needs of Control, Monitoring and Information Systems.
Our purpose is design the most efficient solution possible to make easier our clients' everyday needs, in all company areas where process control, monitoring or information management are needed.


Control Systems Integration

We come from the plant floor, covering all aspects of traditional control systems integration, which is our core business. Control systems design, electrical installation, MCCs and control panels, PLC/HMI/SCADA programming, system commisioning and start up are part of our portfolio.

Upgrading and migration of Control Systems

Wheter it might be needed as a security upgrade, search for a better performance or simply because it reached its end lifecycle, control systems may require to be migrated in order to be at the most modern technology hardware/software. We are the best option to design and implement control systems migration towards new, current and robust platforms.

Control Panels and MCCs Design and Building

We have both the resources and qualified staff in our panel shop for the assembly of control panels and MCCs. Always maintaining standards according to your facilities needs and following the according safety requirements, we deliver quality panels.

Industrial Networking

Connectivity needs on today's world makes necessary to have several industrial networks all across a production facility. Its design, building and configuration is one of our specialties. From field buses to IIoT structures, all of them are part of our catalog.

Remote Monitoring Systems (Telemetry)

Realtime information, no matter where it has to be measured from. Our telemetry solutions offer satellite, wired or cellular connections. Security, performance and reliability are the basis for our design. Our edge devices and RTUs have been tested for years at our customer's sites.

Manufacturing Systems (MES)

Providing proper and reliable information to the right people on each company area, from production floor to the managerial level, is our commitment for our information systems.

Specialized Technical Training.

The first support point of a platform is always our customers' technical staff. Therefore we don't hesitate on delivering accurate training for them to become experts in their instalations and processes.
No matter the location or time of the day in which our training become necessary, we always try to provide the easiest way to attend our classes.