SCADA Campo Singue


Gente Oil Ecuador

Scope of the project

Important figures

Control his operations, adquiere data from dispositives located in geografically distant facilitys and centralized to put to disposition to the internal and external costumers, like wise analysis softaware to third party.
IOs number: 8000
HMI Tags number: 4000
HMI Clients number: Unlimited
HMI display number: 20
Device number: 12

Implemented funcionalities

Reportery (Automatically delivery of reports)
Alarms notification by email.

Profit / Results

  • Centralized plattaform with redundance.
  • It allows client access inside and outside facilities.
  • It provides information to third party aplicative.

Project designer

Evelyn Granizo - Project Coordinator

Project Description

SCADA Campo Singue

The SCADA system of Gente Oil allows you to control your operations and centralize the data of interest from your oil processes, from extraction to transportation. Additionally, it allows visualizing and interacting with the different instruments and actuators that involve the process, collecting data from different locations in a single site to serve multiple clients inside and outside the facilities.