SCADA Integration to CMCH


Agip Oil Ecuador B.V.

Scope of the project

Important figures

Implement the solution that allows the recovery of historical data of the information that AGIP sends in real time to the ARCH, in case there is a loss of communication or changes in the process control system.
IOs number: 1230
HMI Tags number: 1230
HMI Clients number: 0
HMI display number: 0
Device number: 40

Implemented funcionalities

Integration FTHistorian with Ignition
Cominication through OPC-HDA

Profit / Results

  • Elimination of loss of information
  • Integration of historians of different manufacturers.
  • Reliable data without compression or exception

Project designer

Evelyn Granizo - Project Coordinator

Project Description

SCADA Integration to CMCH

The project aims to design a SCADA control and monitoring system that allows immediate and real-time action of all the substations that make up the Shushufindi Block 57 Field of Petroamazonas EP.

There are currently 5 main substations:

  • Southwest Station (SOP)
  • South Station (SSP)
  • Central Station (SCP)
  • North Station (SNP)
  • Aguarico Station (AGP)
    which are geographically separated along the Amazon Block. The system has action on Transfer and Reinjection Pumps, Production Separators, Water Plants, and additionally remote monitoring of injector wells belonging to the different substations.