HMI Ovens Migration


Franz Viegener

Scope of the project

Important figures

IOs number: 3.000
HMI Tags number: 2.000
HMI Clients number: 3
HMI display number: 61
Device number: 4

Implemented funcionalities

Alarms and Events

Profit / Results

  • The renovation of the system infrastructure has allowed the development of new applications and the application of the control system.
  • The Databases allowed a development in the handling of recipes and creation of reports.
  • The translation tool gives operators better understanding and comfort within the application.

Project designer

Gabriela Uvidia - Project Engineer

Project Description

HMI Ovens Migration

The project consisted in the migration of the SCADA system of ovens where all the toilet parts are cooked, which was developed in RSView32. The software was discontinued, the information management was based on storing several files and the machine where they operated presented several operating problems due to the time of use. The SCADA system was migrated to the Ignition 7.8 platform, which included the installation of a server and allowed access to the application from anywhere in the plant. The information management was migrated to database. The Active X code for curve graphs one of the main components was developed with scripts.